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Get to know me.

I’m Yari Pujols, a dreamer filled with optimism and the lust to live a fulfilled life. I mean who doesn’t want to wake up feeling like their best selves?! Here you will find me talking about ways to improve your fitness, inspire personal growth, and guides to traveling around the world.

In order for me to function on a daily basis, I need a creative outlet and this blog has provided me with a space I can call my own. As a girl who grew up in the burbs of Houston, I always felt an itch that there are greater things that I have yet to discover and I’m always down for an adventure.

Who I've worked with...

I've work with brands from Adidas, Snap Kitchen, and recently featured in places like Women's Health and Voyage Houston.

For any collaborations or inquiries contact yarpulo@gmail.com

You can always find me @yarpulo on instagram.