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Yarpulo Radio - Episode 1 - Pains of growing

I love listening to stories and the best one's are found when you are getting to know someone and asking the right questions. In this first episode, I wanted to center it around childhood. When we are young, we go through different life experiences that shape us into adults. These stories can take on all different emotions, but the fact that we lived them and somehow find our way is an accomplishment in itself.

The story you will hear in this first episode is about a boy who grow up in a world that broke his mother's heart. She wanted more for her children, but couldn't find her way out of the ghetto. The boy saw his mother's struggle and realized that he needed to step up for his family. He hustled his way to help them which in turn allowed him to persevere the in his own life.

It's a short story, so find some time to listen to his narrative. I've really challenged myself in creating this and I hope that you can enjoy it and share it with your friends.