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Yarpulo Radio - Season Finale

I want to thank everyone who has been a part of Yarpulo Radio. It has been amazing to see all the feedback I've gotten which has been extremely rewarding for me. I've enjoyed putting together each episode even though it was a pain in the ass sometimes. 

My future plans for Yarpulo Radio is to continuing recording relatable stories from different and interesting individuals. I feel that the more we hear and see how we are all alike in some way will help each and everyone of us become more motivated in our own lives. That we can all achieve the same things regardless of our upbringing or circumstance. 

It's an amazing feeling to have done so many things in the past few months. We can put something off for so long, but when we actually set out to do it, the feeling is so fulfilling.

I hope to build more content for Yarpulo Radio very soon. If you enjoyed the episode, please leave a comment or review on itunes and share it will your friends. I'd love to get your feedback and suggestions.