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Yarpulo Radio - Episode 2 - The relationships we find with ourselves and others.

Many of us find ourselves heartbroken at some point in our lives. Whether it's when we are young or old, the experience is the same. Each time doesn't get easier, but we do become stronger. We learn from each relationship we go through and figure out that maybe it really wasn't as good as we thought. 

In this episode we hear about Abby and the struggle of finding herself outside of a relationship. She is in a place where she is ready to figure out what she needs for herself, what makes her happy, and what she wants out of her next partner.

This is a place we should hope to find ourselves at sometime in our life. We sometimes get caught up in trying to please others that we don't take time to please ourselves. There is nothing more important than being happy with yourself because if your not, then life will beat you down.

We can all learn from abby in this podcast. She is very insightful and open about her feelings throughout this process. As she goes through her story we can all relate to some part of it which makes it that much more interesting.