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London Calling | Traveling Alone

The last time I was in Europe I was 16. We traveled to Paris and for a 16 year-old I wouldn’t say that was he best place to be. A fan of tropical climate, I was stuck in a cold and rainy town that left me a little miserable and without the endorphins I receive from the beaming suns rays.

Fast forward a few years, I find myself ready to travel across the atlantic ocean and into the UK. This time I was prepared for the gloomy whether. My friend who had been living there the past few months had warmed me that I may need a survival kit that included an umbrella.

Once I arrived in London, I was a little nervous trying to figure out how take the cheapest route from the airport into the city. They had big signs about the express train everywhere, so of course it may be a little confusing. Finally I figured out my ways into the city. My friend meet me on a stop halfway and we off to the hostel he had been staying in. 

When walking through the street of London I honestly felt I was in Harry Potter world. No offense to the British, but that is all I had seen of the UK growing up. We stopped in front of this pub which lead us to the hostel room on the second floor. It was small and slept four. I was apprehensive on sharing a space with people I didn’t know, but everything end up pretty well.

Come to find out my friend would be leaving for 2-3 days to visit his family and I would be left alone to explore. I told him I was fine with this and that I’d just fend for myself. 

The next day I book a hotel room at the Mowbray Court Hotel in between Chelsea and Kensington. It was a pretty nice place and I was able to settle in. I planned my day accordingly and was able to knock of few things off my list. The Natural Museum of History, Nottinghill, and a lot of walking. 

From dinner, I found this Italian place on yelp called Orisni. I underestimated the distance from my hotel and ended up walking 3 miles which in Texas is a long walk. What I unfortunately ordered was a seafood pasta which left me sick with food poisoning all morning.

Really, it woke me up in the middle of the night. I was left in bed most of the day until I forced myself to get up and enjoy what was left of the day. Definitely not an easy thing to do when you've been on the toilet all day, but I couldn't keep myself in the hotel room when I was in london! So I got myself together and heading to buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and Dominque Disel Bakery. 

Once my friend came back into town I was relieved. Feeling sick and alone isn't the best way to spend a vacation. When he got back, I slowly recovered and began to feel myself again. He was ready to show my what I hadn't seen while he was gone and I would say the rest of my trip was a success! 

Things I loved about London: Free Museums, easy transportation, great food scene, lots a historical monuments.

Places I visited:

Milk Train
Aida Fashion & Cafe
Tower Bridge
St Paul's Cathedral
British Museum
Franco Manca
Tate Museum
Ace Hotel
Christmas Markets

Farm Girl
Natural History Museum
Hyde Park
Oxford Street
Dominique Basel Bakery
Buckingham Palace
Westminister Abbey
Big Ben
Trafalgar Square

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