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Solo in the Rockies

Here I go again on another solo trip. This time it was less the 24 hours so I kept myself pretty occupied. I hadn't been to the mountains to ski in a long time. When I was younger, my family use to make time every winter, but now that I'm older and on my own, I haven't made time to go. So I decided that I would go this year and I'm happy I did.

The trip was much needed when living in the heat every season of the year. Sometimes you need to get away to someplace that is completely different from where you usually are. Skiing was the prefect escape for me.

My level of expertise is pretty good, probably intermediate. I've been at it for at least 5 years so when it came time to hit the slopes, it was a breeze. I would love to make this an annual thing even though skiing is an expensive hobby. The lifts alone are $100+ a day and I definitely had to keep that in mind this trip.

Overall I really enjoy my time in the Colorado Rockies and skiing in Keystone Resort.  I also stay in a really nice hostel in Breckenridge called Bivvi Hostel. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone seeking a little adventure!