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A little bit of NYC

As I'm looking for quotes to describe this post, one stood out to me: "A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself" by Jim Morrison. This basically is the definition and meaning of the video I've curated. It shows two people who have come together and don't have to hide who they truly are. The ability to have someone by your side that you can be unapologetically yourself is rare. The notion of not having to prove yourself to them can be a very daunting, but the moment you can open up and allow yourself to be accepted as who you as is a beautiful and freeing feeling. 

We should all be able to experience a relationship that holds no judgements. It is unfortunate when I see people who hold the fear of judgement from the very people they are close to. It is a limiting feeling and holds us back from many opportunities we may want to pursue.

My friend Victoria and I have created a relationship that allows us to be who we are unapologetically. We are able to understand each other and not judge the decisions that we make. These are the type of friendships that are truly fulfilling and I cherish that every chance we get to talk.

We should leave the limitations behind because no matter how crazy and upsurd someone's aspirations can be, they should be able to exists in all ways that have no bounds. I believe we can all dream, we can all believe, and we can all become who we desire to be.

Yari Pujols