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Chicago's Garfield Park: Free and Instagram Worthy.


The first time I went to Chicago was for a work conference around 2012. It was a pretty uneventfully experience for the fact that I did not experience all that chi-town had to offer. Keeping that in mind, I was excited to head back to the windy city and plan a trip that would leave me satisfied.

We probably arrived in Chicago during the best time of the year in August. It wasn’t too hot nor too cold. A little rainy, but it soon cleared up to a beautiful blue sky. We set out to explore all the spots that Chicago is known for such as Millennium Park, Skydeck, Magnificient Mile, etc.. I had looked up other places to check out on google and Garfield Park Conservatory popped up on the list. What drew me in where all the cool pictures I had found and we decided to make the trip.

We arrived in the Uber after a 20 min ride. Entrance is free, but they do ask for donations. The conservatory was a lot bigger than I’d imagined with little rooms that housed different plant’s species and flowers. As we explored it became a cool spot to be creative and what came out of that was this video. Hope you enjoy!