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5 Actionable Steps to a Better Mindset


It’s the time when a new year comes around and we are ready to hit the reset button and take actionable steps to a better mindset and our lives overall. As we reevaluate where we are, the number one thing we should address is whether we have the right mindset to take it to the next level. Maybe we got distracted from our 2018 goals, lost tract of where we wanted to go, and stayed stay stagnant, or maybe we didn’t know where to start. The good thing is that the new year allows you the chance to start over and make a change.

There have been darker times in the past when I would feel as though I wasn’t progressing and I constantly reminded myself of that. I had built up a load of reasons why and each one of them pointed to I wasn’t doing enough. I wasn’t working hard enough, making enough money, or I was alone and depressed for that reason. I even recall my past journal entries where I would just tear myself apart as a release from how I was feeling.

This was the mark of my 20’s. The year of finding peace with myself and where I had landed in my life. Was it where I wanted to be? No, but I slowly learned that life doesn’t have to be a rat race that you see everyone trying to compete in. This race that tells you if you aren’t up here, then who the hell are you? Funny thing is, I think I needed that. The struggle of trying to figure out who I really want to be, what made me happy, and if it wasn’t what other people were doing that was ok.

It took me years before I found out that I don’t need to be at a certain level to be happy and that I can find happiness with everything that was around me. Just the smallest things could bring a smile to my face whether it be seeing my mom, or laughing at some stupid video on the internet, even just spending time with someone very special to me. The journey there was bumpy, but I needed it to finally feel ok in a place I never felt ok with, not telling myself I needed to do more or be more.

The actionable steps I took to create a better mindset were simple. They allowed me to be happy with myself, and optimistic that everything will come together. Of course I have goals and things I want to accomplish, but being merely grateful for all the good in my life changed everything.

As I see others struggle with their mindset and allowing negativity around them, I want to share what has helped me. If you’re finding it hard to create a space that allows you to grow in a positive way, or need guidance in where to start, you’re in the right place. I’ve created a list of actionable steps for a better mindset that will get you on your way to changing the way you think about your trajectory. What you will find are tips to start your morning feeling clear and focus on what you want, grateful for want you already have, and inspired to take action.

The journey to a better mindset starts with getting the mind right. I will be discussing all the ways you can incorporate new actionable steps through the following; meditation, journaling, affirmations, podcast/books, and goal setting.


Let’s begin the day with meditation. Now, I’ve talk to different people on this subject who feel they can’t meditate. The fact is, that it can be very difficult to calm your mind, especially if you’ve never done it before. The moment you try to sit down you become restless. Maybe it’s not only about sitting down, maybe you would rather have those extra minutes in bed. Can’t lie, that’s definitely me every morning!

If these are obstacles that get in our way, then how can we get past them? It’s not going to be easy at first, but with everything we do it takes time. We can start with “when can I incorporate meditation in my day?” Maybe it’s the first thing we do when we get up, or when we get in our cars, or before we walk into work. It’s doesn’t have to take long, 5-10 minutes may be enough, but in order to really succeed at meditating needs to become a routine or ritual we do to start our day. The longer you do something the more it becomes a habit and it makes you feel better.

Meditate daily

Now that we have found a time to meditate, what do we do during the meditation? There are several different types of ways to get your mediation down. I’ve found that guided meditations work best for me. I like to be directed throughout my short session from my breathing to everything I need to be thinking. My meditations range from manifestations, positive thinking, or focusing my mind of something I want in my life. The great thing is that it can be whatever you need for that day and you are never limited to what type of mindset you want to create for that day.

I’ve found a lot of my regular meditations through youtube, but there are plenty of apps that are out that can guide you in the right direction such as Calm and Headspace. Here are a few youtube meditations I listen to frequently.

Meditation for Manifesting

Meditation for Postive Thinking

Meditation for Mindfulness


When you get your meditation schedule down or if you don’t think meditation is right for you, what would be another actionable step you could add to your day? Well journaling of course!

Journaling can be done in various ways, but I’m going to discuss what has helped me. Now, I don’t necessarily write down all my thoughts dreams and aspiration down everyday. That is usually on occasion when I have a burst of inspiration. What I have found to be helpful to start my mornings is my the Five Minute Journal. This journal takes literally only five minutes, unless you find yourself with nothing to write. Regardless the words will eventually come to you and they will begin to change the way you think about your day. This little thing has really made the difference for me.

If you think about it, meditation centers the mind, journaling shapes the way we thinks. What’s great about the Five Minute Journal is that it’s shaping your thoughts by asking you a set questions that focus on gratitude. What are you grateful for at the beginning of the day and how you can make that day great. It follows through at the end of the day and ask what were three amazing things that happened that day and what could have made that day better. In doing this you are pushing yourself to create a day to be thankful for and that’s great way to set your day up for success.

Since I’ve used the Five Minute Journal, I have felt so grateful for the little things that happen around me. Maybe I made it home safely, or that I have great friends and family. I’ve slowly realize it’s the simple things that really make an impact in how I feel throughout the day. Click here if you want to get a Five Minute Journal of your own! They also have an app that makes it easy to use on the go.


If you feel that journaling isn’t your cup of tea, then you should try using affirmations. Affirmations are statements that direct your mind to think a certain way. They can be motivational, future focused, goal achieving sentences that push you forward. You can say these mind-setting affirmations by reciting them to yourself in the mirror, writing them down, or posting them in areas you past by on a daily basis. They are there to keep you on the right path and remind you of why you may be doing something. I always believed in the saying “you are what you think and believe”, so we have to tell our minds to basically believe in what you are after. If we don’t we can caught up in the negative self talk and doubt in ourselves. This is a practice to get you where you want to go.

If you have no clue as to what you should write down, I was referred to this youtube video that has ones you can recite on a daily basis. Most of the statements are relatable to me in some way. It has been extremely useful when I don’t have time much time and I can recite them on the go. The only draw back I would say is that they aren’t specific to you and what you want to achieve. It may be best to have one or two that tell you your goal and how you’re going to get there.

On the go Affirmation Click here

Writing affirmations

Podcast/Audio Books?

Now that your starting your mornings in the right direction, how do you keep those efforts up throughout the day? One way I’ve done this is through podcasts. Podcast have blown up lately and you can find one on pretty much anything especially ones that uplift your mindset and movitate you on a daily. A few of my favorite podcast are How I Built this, Second Life, Lewis Howes, James Altucher, Rise Podcast. Some of these episodes where life changing for me and recommend that you listen to them.

Keep in mind these were some of my favorites I listened to in 2014 so they aren’t recent:

I use to listen to Jess a lot back in the day, but her stuff more recently I haven’t really cared for. These two episode really set the tone for me though: Jess Lively \ Jess Lively

Lewis Howes - he’s always great to listen to, this one was really good.

Listen to Podcasts

Goal Setting

How are we going to keep these mindset hacks up? We are going to set goals for ourselves to keep up this daily practice. Now, I’m not saying go do all of these every day unless you really have it in you, but taking the time to work on your mindset is extremely important. I’ve created a worksheet for you to track your progress to create a successful mindset on the daily. I’ve also added an instagram template to show your followers what mindset hacks your doing on a daily. Sign up to get your download in your inbox!


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